We will be placing an order for 2500 new Liquidation Popup bags and want to include your logo on them! We sell these higher quality reusable laminated tote bags at our Liquidation Popup sales (in Northeast Nebraska) for $5 each and then incentivize customers to bring them back to the next sale by giving them a free mystery bag gift (that contains at least 5 brand new items). We also see people using these sustainable tote bags all over Northeast Nebraska to haul all kinds of things as they are bigger than your average reusable tote bags and work great for the beach, grocery shopping and even moving (we’ve put them to the test ourselves)!

Here is a photo of our previous (now sold out) bags – that are basically boring…

Wouldn’t your logo look cool on there, too? If you have a business in Northeast Nebraska or an online business/website that ships to (or services) Nebraska/Iowa/South Dakota, we have an amazing opportunity for you!

Get your logo on our next shipment of bags for only $50!

The size of the bags are 48cm x 48cm, and we plan to print on both sides. They will be laminated so there is no screen printing peeling. We will have our logo at the top and 12 businesses listed on each side. For $50, each business will receive a 14 cm by 7 cm rectangle. If you look at a ruler, that’s a lot of space for only $50 – way cheaper than newspaper ads. Plus this is perpetual advertising for your business (and it helps us pay for the manufacturing costs and freight)! We will even throw in a free tote for you to see and admire (and will ship for free if not local)!

We plan to order very soon, so get your request in by Monday, August 21st, 2023. We offer all kinds of payment options (Amazon, Venmo, PayPal, Credit Card) over on our ecommerce site. Only 24 spots are available, so order yours soon before they are all spoken for!


Once you place your order, please email your black/white image (at least 600 pixels wide or 300 pixels tall) over to kim@savingk.com